Cider Styles

We craft many styles of cider throughout the year using local and seasonal ingredients. We make these ciders seasonally, according to the ingredients (so a cider with strawberries will be available in the summer and a cider with pumpkin will be on tap in the fall). Six to eight of our taps are devoted to cider at any given time (you can follow us on social media to find out what’s on tap). They can be categorized as follows:



The apple character of these ciders should shine through, though not in the same way as it does in raw fruit. These ciders may also evoke citrus, banana, melon, vanilla, or pear flavors. Examples in our cider arsenal include:

POMONA   Flagship Apple Cider - Rich + Semi-Dry
Full-bodied cider with bright, semi-dry finish | 6.2% ABV    

CHARLEMAGNE   Juicy + Semi-Sweet                 
Semi-sweet apple cider | 6.0% ABV        

NUNCIO   Young + Buttery
First cider from 2016 harvest. Semi-sweet, fresh, and young | 6.2% ABV

THE PURITAN   Dry + Austere
17th century colonial New England-style recipe involving the wild yeasts of raisins. The Puritan lays bare a singular devotion to the apple, eschewing ornament and idolatry with its semi-dry nose, round body and rustically dry finish | 6.4% ABV


Cider typically made with less tannic apples and more sweet/acidic apples. Apfelwein is a traditional style of Germany, especially the Frankfurt area. We visited and apfelwein houses of Frankfurt a few years ago and make a cider, The Saxon, as a homage to the balanced ciders there:

THE SAXON   Piquant + Dry
Dry German-style apfelwein. Full apple flavor with soft acidity. | 6.4% ABV

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The Tyarant.JPG


This cider is still and unfiltered, and arguably the most natural and traditional way to make cider. Scrumpy hails from the West Country of England, and it is most traditional form was made by fermenting whole crushed apples with their natural/wild yeast and then pressing once fermentation was complete. Farmhouse cider has tradition in other European countries as well, such as France, which are fermented naturally (no commercial yeast pitched). We make scrumpy-style cider in the fall when apples are available by fermenting the whole apple with the natural yeast of the apples. This is quite uncommon in United States as many cideries do not press their own apples but rather buy juice to ferment their ciders. Traditional scrumpy cider is still made thought the West Country of England. Examples in our cider arsenal include:

Traditional English-style scrumpy. The Dreadnought has a deceptively sweet nose of honeysuckle and freshly-cut hay, trumpeting an assertive dryness |   6.4% ABV

BLACK SCRUMPY   Dry + Rotund
This traditional scrumpy is a single-varietal cider from Arkansas black apples, lagered on the apple skins for 6 months before pressing. Strong, slightly funky, and boldy-tannic in flavor | 6.4% ABV


This is cider fermented or infused with fruits--either stone fruit like cherry, apricot, peach, or plum, or other fruits like pear, berries, citrus, or tropical fruit. Modern cidermakers add fruit and other infusions to their cider when there isn’t enough single-varietal or cider apple cultivars to choose from. The craft beer industry has also influenced the cider industry in this regard, with many of these ciders being served on carbonated on draft as well as being bottled. Examples from our cider arsenal include:

VIKING BLOOD  Juicy + Bold
Barrel-aged cherry cider.  Mellow cherries give way to a hint of tartness and oaky vanilla | 6.2% ABV

THE CHURCHILL   Jammy + Floral
Cider with elderberry and elderflower | 6.2% ABV

BLACK PRINCE   Juicy + Robust
Cider with cherry, black cardamom, and maple syrup. Sweet and slightly smoky | 6.0% ABV. 

POPERIN’ PERRY    Fresh + Round
Dry cider made with local apples and pears | 6.2% ABV  

THE LIMEY   Fresh + Light
Cider with lime and a pinch of sea salt | 6.0% ABV

NOTUS   Lush + Fruity
Cider with strawberries from Eastern NC, home-grown rhubarb, and a hint of black pepper | 6.2% ABV

ATALANTA   Juicy + Aromatic   
Cider with peaches from Eastern NC and homegrown rosemary | 6.2% ABV

ALL HALL   Lush + Refreshing
Cider with watermelon from Eastern NC, mint from Mark, and a bit of salt from the sea | 6.0% ABV

Cider with NC blackberries and blackberry honey. 6.0% ABV.

THE CAPE FEAR   Rich + Juicy
Semi-sweet cider made with muscadine grapes from Eastern North Carolina | 6.2%

BLUE CHRISTMAS   Fruity + Bright
Cozy Christmas cider with blueberry and cardamom | 6.2% ABV

THE HOLLY KING  Smooth + Jammy
Cider with blackcurrant and vanilla | 6.2% ABV

POMDEMONIUM   Sharp + Smoky  
 Cider with pomegranate and clove  | 6.2% ABV


These ciders are infused or fermented with spices, herbs, flowers, or roots (like ginger and turmeric). As with the addition of non-apple fruits, cidermakers turn to botanicals and spices to create unique and interesting flavors. Examples in our cider arsenal:

ZEPHYRUS   Spicy + Aromatic                             
Cider with fresh ginger and candied orange peel | 6.2% ABV

GOOD QUEEN BESS   Herbaceous + Floral 
Cider with lavender and wildflower blossom honey | 6.2% ABV    

SCARECROW   Warm + Spicy
Chai with masala chai spices.  Semi-sweet with soft notes of mace, cinnamon, and allspice | 6.2% ABV

GOLDEN HIND  Fresh + Bright
Cider with lemongrass | 6.2% ABV    

BASILISK   Fresh + Crisp                             
Cider with fresh basil from our garden | 6.2% ABV

ATALANTA  see above

single varietal

Such ciders are a showcare of one varietal (and should be at least 80% of this one varietal).

ARKANSAS BLACK   Full-Bodied + Tannic
Single-varietal cider from Arkansas Black apples. Fresh apple aroma and tannic fruit | 6.4% ABV

BLACK SCRUMPY   see above


Cider fermented with honey. This term is also applied to mead fermented with apple juice

VALKYRIE   Sweet + Nectarous
Fermented with apple and clover honey.  6.8% ABV

CEYLON   Fresh + Spicy
Semi-sweet cinnamon and apple cyser with clover honey | 6.8% ABV


This is cider fermented with wild yeast—typically the wild yeast present on the apples/in the apple juice.

THE WILDLING   Zesty + Dry
Fermented with the wild yeast of the apples.  Dry and zesty | 6.4% ABV

HOTSPUR   Funky + Tart
Wild-fermented cherry cider. Sour edge and semi-dry finish | 6.0% ABV

THE WILD HIND   Bright + Funky
 Wilding meets Golden Hind, or wild-fermented cider with lemongrass | 6.2% ABV

BLACK SCRUMPY   see above


This is a catch-all category for all other unique ciders (squash, coffee, peppers, rhubarb, etc.)

JACKANAPES   Earthy + Round
Cider fermented with pumpkin | 6.2% ABV

MUSKMELON   Light + Fragrant
Cider with NC cantaloupe and cucumber | 6.0% ABV