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Zephyrus Cider & Boudica Mead Release

This St. Patrick's Day, we offer you A Modest Proposal: join us as we release Zephyrus, our spring cider with candied orange peel and fresh ginger! Zephyrus is the personification of the West Wind that ushers in the warmth and fertility necessary to grow, ripen, and harvest our cider apples, and we honor him with this bright and spicy seasonal offering.  

And since it’s St. Patrick’s Day, we’ll also be releasing Boudica, barrel-aged semi-sweet Irish breakfast tea mead, named for the Celtic warrior Queen of the Iceni who led a rebellion against Roman forces around the year 60 AD in Britannia. This bold, tannic sessionable mead is the ideal fierce companion to your St. Patrick’s Day revelry!

Cider and mead-inspired Irish hors-d'oeuvres will be available for which we’ll be accepting donations that will benefit local feral cat rescue organization Friends-2-Ferals.  

Children and pets are welcome, as always!

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